Formed in 2016, Weather King came together for their love of alternative and progressive rock bands like The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age, and Radiohead. This group of five teenagers from DFW are constantly pushing the envelope with merging new generation music and alt rock reminding us of how music reflects life. 

Together, they have enjoyed being part of the growing music scene in the DFW, and surrounding areas, sharing the stage with such artists as Jimmy Eats World, Janet Gardner of Vixen, and Switchfoot. 

Recently, they released an EP33” with five original songs written and recorded at SG Studios, Fort Worth, Texas. The songs from the EP have been received with great reviews, gaining radio play on several rock stations around the U.S. 

Weather King is currently playing shows and are working hard at writing new songs they plan to for release sometime later this year.  Feel free to check their show schedule to come out and say “hi.” 

Members: Andy Zukoski (keyboardist), Ian Jeffery (drummer), Maya Kelly (vocals), Trent Cruickshank (guitar), and Jack Zukoski (bass) 

2017 Wildflower Festival Battle of the Bands (Best Overall Band and Best Bass Player

Artist On The Verge, 2017 Spring Board Music Festival Houston TX 

2016 Southlake Battle of the Bands (Best Band)


Weather King Is One of the 10 Best Artists to Watch. Weather King is a band that has put maximum effort into every step of the process- composing, recording, and even performing- and never missed a beat doing so. Its members have crafted a wonderfully unique style, impressing its ever-growing audience with their eager commitment to it.”

Alex Nazaruk - Dalwalk

Band Members


 Andy Zukoski


Jack Zukoski


Trent Cruickshank


Maya Kelly